he’s here

06.22.2011 · Posted in Key to My Heart

BCL and I are SO EXCITED to announce the birth of our new little man, Hopper “Hop” Higgins LaFlamme who arrived Monday at 9:42 am. We’re currently cuddling, recouping and learning all about our new addition, the sweetest, most loving little charmer this side of newborn.
You can imagine how eager I am to share our experience, more photos (how do you ever stop taking them moms!?) and of course all the details as the weeks progress. In the meantime, we’ll be on a short hiatus but back very soon.
PS: Above is Hop’s announcement, which we eblasted to our nearest and dearest. Isn’t it fab? My awesome friends over at Paper Nickle Stamp custom-made it with a Chicago urban spin.

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8 Responses to “he’s here”

  1. Congrats. May you all be happy and brave in this new adventure!

  2. congrats taryn & brian on a beautiful baby boy!

  3. Hop’s debut on Mommy’s blog…I Love It!! The announcement is super, tons of compliments on it at work (yes, it is posted on my cubicle). And just to let you know, as a mom, we never stop taking photos of our children…case in point you can look at my facebook page and see TONS of them :) having a blast as Grammy to this new little addition to the LaFlamme clan…welcome little Hopper!

  4. yay!! so excited for you and congratulations to each of you – such a magical journey you are on now. he’s so very sweet :)

  5. How exciting! His name is adorable. Can’t wait to meet him!

  6. love that little announcement. What a cutie!!! Congratulations;)

  7. so adorable!! congrats!! LOVE the name :)

  8. SO precious! Congrats to the newly parents!

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