on baby and blogging

07.14.2011 · Posted in Key to My Heart

Hello friends! Touching base in the few minutes of fuss-free, baby-is-sleeping, calm-before-the-chaos ensues. Wow! I don’t know where to begin except to say how incredible these past few weeks have been. Hop is growing big and strong, extra cuddly and loving, and more curious than ever. I, on the other hand, am still trying to figure out how to type one-handed, make a pot of coffee before lunch, answer emails the same day, and a bevy of otherwise mundane but seriously important things like getting out of the house!
On a side note, after my hiatus I have some exciting new things to unveil. A new kids blog and a couple Sage & Style weekly feautures I think you’ll really like.
Watch for this in the next week or two; in the meantime here’s a pic of our noodle … week 3.

|| Photo by Taryn. ||

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2 Responses to “on baby and blogging”

  1. yay! he’s growing so much. typing one-handed is not very easy ;) i hope this adjustment is going great for you guys, it’s such an exciting time. and congrats on the new kids blog!!

  2. and what a cute little noodle he is! looking forward to seeing what lies ahead and many tales of motherhood. it’s not in the near future for me but i love hearing from blogging mamas.

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